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Weight Loss

Broadway Wellness PC

Ellen Levan, MD

Internal Medicine & Primary Care Physician located in Fairlawn, NJ

Are you ready to achieve your ideal weight, feel healthy, and look your best? At Broadway Wellness PC, Ellen Levan, MD helps patients lose body fat safely and easily. If you live in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, contact the practice today for a personalized consultation. With custom nutrition plans and weight loss supervision, you’ll get the results you want quickly. Book an appointment online or call the office to get started.

Weight Loss Q & A

What is medical weight loss?

If you’re looking to lose weight permanently and safely, medical weight loss is the best possible option. Dr. Levan's supervised weight loss program is done right in the office and tailored to fit your schedule. She customizes a diet to fit your lifestyle and weight goals while considering your unique physiology and medical needs.

With medical weight loss, you’ll not only shed pounds, but you’ll gain energy, eliminate food cravings, and build lean muscle mass for a slimmer, more toned body. And because you’re under the care of a physician, your weight loss journey is safe and effective.

What’s included in a medical weight loss program?

Dr. Levan directs your program, which offers a team approach to weight loss. All plans include:

A personalized diet

First, she determines your metabolic and endocrine profile, as well as your personal food preferences, to formulate a diet just for you.

Individualized coaching

You have one-on-one lifestyle modification analysis sessions with Dr. Levan. These ensure you not only lose the weight but that you keep it off by adopting healthier habits.

Unique fitness program

You have individualized sessions with a personal trainer. These sessions teach you how to exercise with minimal equipment and get maximum results.

Supportive therapies

You also receive natural supplements and acupuncture treatments to help suppress your appetite, stimulate your metabolism, detoxify your body, and boost your energy.

Your medical weight loss program also includes access to a certified nutritionist, 24/7 doctor support, and regular appointments to measure your body fat percentage and metabolic rate.

What results can I expect with medical weight loss?

Each person is unique, and your results depend on your age, your starting weight, and your ability to follow the program. Dr. Levan and her team are committed to your success, and they do everything possible to help you achieve your goals.

For more information about medical weight loss, click to book a consultation at Broadway Wellness PC or call the office today.