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Holistic Medicine

Broadway Wellness PC

Ellen Levan, MD

Internal Medicine & Primary Care Physician located in Fairlawn, NJ

Your body is one of a kind, and your health care should acknowledge that. At Broadway Wellness PC, Ellen Levan, MD provides holistic health services to help you achieve a complete state of wellness. From nutrition and herbs to genetic testing and acupuncture, the practice offers a personalized approach to care that supports all aspects of your health. Visit the team at their Elmwood Park, New Jersey office for an in-depth consultation. To schedule an appointment today, use the one-click booking tool or call the office.

Holistic Medicine Q & A

How is holistic health different from traditional medical care?

Traditional or conventional medicine tends to treat symptoms of already existing diseases or conditions. Holistic health is a “whole person” style of medicine that emphasizes preventing disease and getting to the cause of a problem.

With holistic health care, your physical, mental, and emotional well-being are equally important. Therefore, your treatment plan might utilize various methods to facilitate healing.

At Broadway Wellness PC, the team uses an integrative approach to health care. This means they use a combination of conventional and holistic methods to provide a well-rounded treatment protocol for each person.

Which holistic health services are offered?

Dr. Levan starts with an in-depth health assessment to develop a clear understanding of your symptoms, health history, and treatment goals. Depending on your needs, she might recommend:

  • Herbal medication and supplements: She may turn to these to balance hormones, improve nutrient absorption, or support organ health.
  • Genetic testing: Dr. Levan might screen you for specific conditions or diseases.
  • Risk assessments: She may test you for cardiovascular health or other common health problems. These are tests available to test risk for diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Beyond measurements of cholesterol and sugar, tests that give more information about your lipid profile, inflammation level, metabolic factors, and genetics, which will provide more targeted care.
  • Alternative therapies: Examples of this would be acupuncture or chiropractic services.

She might also recommend tests or treatment for sleep apnea, stress management, mood issues, or other problems.

What results can I expect with holistic health treatment?

Holistic health services can produce results where other methods might fail. But since this approach is about long-term healing, your treatment may take some time. However, Dr. Levan can help you manage immediate symptoms and give you the tools to stay healthy for life.

Why should I consider holistic health services?

Both traditional and holistic medicine have their benefits and their limitations, but together they offer a method that can transform your health. When you address areas like nutrition, genetics, sleep, mood, and hormones, you learn how to care for your body in a more balanced way. An integrative approach can also provide faster healing.

Dr. Levan and her team aim to bring you natural vitality and happiness for the rest of your life. To learn more about holistic health services at Broadway Wellness PC, call the office or book a consultation online today.