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Medical Marijuana

Broadway Wellness PC

Ellen Levan, MD

Internal Medicine & Primary Care Physician located in Fairlawn, NJ

If you’re looking for an alternative to prescription drugs, medical marijuana can help. At Broadway Wellness PC, Ellen Levan, MD utilizes the medicinal elements of this powerful herb to treat conditions like chronic pain, menstrual cramps, migraines, and more. With a professional yet relaxing office in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, the team provides integrative care and a personalized, compassionate approach.

Medical Marijuana Q & A

What is medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana is an herbal substance that physicians prescribe or recommend to patients for various health conditions. Studies have shown that the extracts and different elements of the cannabis plant offer benefits like pain relief, reduced inflammation, lowered blood pressure, and mood stabilization.

The FDA doesn’t recognize marijuana as a medicine, but the plant is legal for medical consumption in some states. While cannabis isn’t legal to the average consumer in New Jersey, Dr. Levan is a medical marijuana recommender in the state. That means you can obtain the substance from a legal medical marijuana dispensary if you have her written approval as a physician.

Are there side effects of medical marijuana?

If Dr. Levan gives you a recommendation, an expert at any cannabis dispensary can help you determine which medicinal strain of the plant is best for your condition or symptoms.

Some people find that marijuana makes them sleepy or fatigued. These effects are avoidable, however, by taking smaller doses or switching strains.

During the consultation, she will discuss known medical facts and the latest studies, as well as areas of uncertainty and unknown potential side effects.

What results can I expect with medical marijuana?

Most people find that medical marijuana offers immediate relief from pain, headaches, cramps, or other acute symptoms. With regular use, it’s also effective for some mood disorders or chronic conditions.

The effects of marijuana tend to wear off after several hours, but it depends on your tolerance and dosage, so you might need to consume it regularly to experience the benefits.

Why should I consider medical marijuana?

As an integrative physician, Dr. Levan combines both traditional and alternative treatments to give patients the best results. She has seen great success with medical marijuana and believes it can offer potent healing benefits when used correctly.

If you’re looking for a natural solution for pain or other symptoms, medical marijuana is a viable alternative to pain medication, which is often addictive and comes with unpleasant side effects.

To learn more about medical marijuana, schedule a consultation with Dr. Levan today. Click to book or call the office today.