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Immigration Exams

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If you’re trying to gain permanent residency in the United States, you’ll first need to pass an immigration exam. To make sure you have the best possible outcome, visit Ellen Levan, MD at Broadway Wellness PC. At the relaxing office in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, you’ll find a welcoming team that can help you navigate the immigration exam process with ease. To schedule your appointment today, click online to book or call to speak with a team member.

Immigration Exams Q & A

What is an immigration exam?

Before you can obtain permanent US residency, you must pass an immigration physical exam. Only doctors approved by the US consulate or US Citizenship and Immigration Services can perform these exams.

The test is an evaluation to determine that you are healthy enough to live in the country and that you don’t have any dangerous diseases. Both children and adults need to pass immigration exams to obtain residency.

While the immigration exam isn’t a substitute for a full physical exam, Dr. Levan can provide additional services if necessary.

What does a doctor look for during an immigration exam?

Dr. Levan is approved to conduct immigration exams, and she follows government guidelines about what to look for. She first has to confirm your identity, so make sure to bring a government-issued identification card, such as a passport.

Unlike a regular physical exam where you discuss health concerns, an immigration exam is more of a screening tool. During your appointment, Dr. Levan evaluates you for:

  • Communicable diseases
  • Mental disorders
  • Drug problems
  • Vaccinations

You don’t have to be in perfect health to pass an immigration exam, but you can’t possess any health problems that would pose a public health threat.

What can I expect after my immigration exam?

After your exam is over, Dr. Levan prepares a form that details her findings and the results of your tests. She will give you this form in a sealed envelope, which you're required to pass on to the appropriate government contact. 

Since Dr. Levan is approved to conduct immigration exams, you can expect a thorough and efficient experience at Broadway Wellness PC. If you need further testing or screenings to confirm your physical and mental health, Dr. Levan can also help to coordinate this care.

To learn more about immigration exams or to schedule your appointment, call the office or click to book online today.